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MDDHosting offers a rewarding Affiliate Program and is looking for good partners!

The MDDHosting Affiliate Program is designed to make our affiliates commissions by referring potential clients to our professional web hosting solutions. The program is anyone who meet our Affiliate Terms of Service and sign-up is FREE.

Affiliates can make up to $100 per customer you refer that signs up.

We will provide you with marketing creatives such as banners and and you will be free to use all MDDHosting creatives to promote MDDHosting as you would like. In the event that you have specific marketing needs such as banners or marketing text please do not hesitate to reach out to our sales department.

When you join our Affiliate Program we will deposit $25 into your affiliate account!

Referred Customer's Plan
Commission Earned
Cloud Hosting - Plaid
$100 USD
Cloud Hosting - Turbo
$75 USD
Elastic Reseller Hosting
$50 USD

How to register for our Affiliate Program?

1. Register a Client Area account with us (Existing Clients: Skip to Step #2):

2. Activate your affiliate account:

3. Place one of our banners or links on your site and enjoy the benefits of being a MDDHosting affiliate!

Already an Affiliate?
You can view your affiliate statistics including visitors referred, referred client signup dates, the product that was purchased, the commission earned, and your current affiliate balance by visiting:

By applying for the MDDHosting Affiliate Program you are agreeing to our Affiliate Terms of Service.