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The use of services from MDDHosting, LLC [hereafter referred to as "MDDHosting"] constitutes agreement to these terms.

MDDHosting is first and foremost a web hosting provider. We do offer email services as an added convenience, however, there are policies that our customers must be aware of and follow. Customers with large mailing lists and those that need to send substantial amounts of email should consider a dedicated mailing provider. The limits listed in this document apply to each cPanel account [hereafter referred to as "account"].

Violations of this mailing policy may result in automatic or manual suspension of mail services. Repeated violations of this mailing policy may result in suspension and/or termination of the hosting service.

1.) Limits

  1. Any attempts to bypass any mailing restrictions or limitations enumerated in this document may result in the suspension and/or termination of all related services.
  2. All accounts are limited to 500 emails sent per hour. Any mail above and beyond this limits will be failed and will be discarded without delivery.
  3. Accounts that cross the hourly email limit may have their outbound email suspended.
  4. All accounts have a fair-use limit of 6,000 messages per day.
  5. Brand new accounts may have a significantly lower hourly email limit for a period of time.
  6. Any account receiving more than 10 spam reports over a rolling 30 day period, or 5 spam reports over a rolling 7 day period may, at our discretion, be required to utilize a third party mailing service for all outgoing email.
  7. Scripts which send email as a result of user activity (user registration, new comment posted, forum subscriptions, etc) must include measures to prevent abuse.
  8. "Refer a friend" and "tell a friend" type forms where a custom subject and message body can be provided by the visitor submitting the form are strictly prohibited.
  9. Direct SMTP mailers, such as DarkMailer, are not permitted.

2.) Mailing Lists

  1. Use of any list that was purchased or given to you is strictly prohibited.
  2. All mailing list subscribers must be double opt-in.
  3. All messages must contain a one click unsubscribe link with no additional steps required.
  4. Mailing lists must comply with US SPAM Laws and Guidelines such as those seen here:
  5. All outbound mail must be relayed through our local Mail Transit Agent on port 25 or 26 unless you are using a third party dedicated mailing provider.
  6. Mailing lists may not have more than 5,000 recipients. Splitting one list into separate lists to circumvent this limit may result in account suspension and/or termination.

3.) Forwarded Email

Messages forwarded to external mail providers via our servers may not be reported as spam regardless of their content. If you wish to report messages that were forwarded as spam, create a local email account and obtain the headers from our server, and not at the final forwarded destination.

Access to this feature may be disabled or restricted for any account as necessary to maintain our email sending and IP address reputations.

4.) Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers.

All Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers have a daily fair-use limit of 12,000 email messages and an hourly fair-use limit of 1,000.

5.) Unsolicited Commercial Email [UCE] / SPAM.

Any Unsolicited Commercial Email will be considered spam. Sites hosted with us may not be advertised via spam [i.e. spamvertised].

6.) Default cPanel Accounts / Catch-Alls

The default mail account created with cPanel may be emptied daily. The default account is a receive-only account and is not capable of sending mail. Often this default mailbox is ignored resulting in hundreds of thousands of emails from scripts filling this box and never being manually emptied. Should you require a catch-all, please create a regular email account in your cPanel under "Email Accounts" and then set that email address as the default (catch-all) under the option "Default Address."