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The use of services from MDDHosting, LLC [hereafter referred to as "MDDHosting"] constitutes agreement to these terms.

The following document outlines the scope and limitation of support for each product that MDDHosting offers. Because web hosting service by nature relies on a combination of customer supplied client software and third-party products it is important to define what is supported by our company and what is the responsibility of the customer and/or third-party software vendors.

We Support

Common Services. We actively monitor and ensure that all basic services are working, such as email, FTP, SSH, web serving, and cPanel. If you feel a service is not working, we will manually check to make sure it is working as intended.

Server Software. We will maintain and secure all software that resides on a server, such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP. We will control and determine the version and configuration of software on our servers. As a result, software we have installed may not always be the latest version available or be compatible with your own software.

Hardware. We will monitor and maintain all of the server hardware. In the event of a hardware failure, we will replace any faulty hardware as soon as possible.

Best Effort

Your software, scripts, and applications. While we cannot promise that we will be able to solve every issue in every situation we will always do our best to assist you as much as possible. Due decades of combined experience our team is generally able to identify and solve most issues. On the rare occasion where we are not able to solve an issue for you we will do our best to point you in the right direction. WordPress is one of the most common applications we assist with.

Your Responsibility

Internet Training. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of Internet concepts such as DNS, email, and FTP. While not strictly necessary it is often helpful in understanding any issues that may arise.

Data Backup. You are responsible for maintaining current backups of your data. We maintain our own backups in the event of a disaster, however, we do not guarantee the availability or restoration of any lost data.

Domain Names. You are responsible for using the supported services provided by your registrar for anything related to your domain name. If you choose not to use our nameservers, you are responsible for modifying your DNS records to point to your IP address, which can change without notification.

Email Client Configuration. We can assist you with the most basic settings for an email account with your preferred mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. However, we cannot assist you in any advanced configuration or troubleshooting, such as spam filtering.

FTP Client Configuration. We cannot provide extensive troubleshooting relating to the advanced configuration of your FTP software. We will do our best to help you make a connection to your account. You are expected to use a secure form of FTP to connect to our servers such as FTPES (FTP Explicit over SSL) or sFTP (Secure FTP). Standard FTP is insecure and transmits your username and password in plain-text which should be avoided. Standard FTP is only available for legacy application requirements.