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When ordering a hosting plan you will be given 3 options:


  1. I want to register a new domain name - for brand-new sites.
  2. I want to transfer my existing domain registration from another registrar.
  3. I already have a domain I want to use or will register or transfer a domain later. Recommended

When to choose "I want to register a new domain name."

You will want to choose this option if you are creating a brand new site on a brand new hosting account with us and you wish to register a new and previously unregistered domain name.

When to choose "I want to transfer my existing domain registration from another registrar."

This option will result in transferring your domain registration from the current registrar. This transfer does not include copying your data, databases, or anything beyond the registration of the domain name itself.  We generally do not recommend you choose this option and suggest that if you have an existing domain you choose the third option, "I already have a domain I want to use or will transfer or register a domain later."

The reason we suggest the third option is so that we can copy your data, upon request, and then you can update your nameservers at your current registrar to start using your new service with us immediately.  Domain registration transfers take time and we suggest that you initiate that process after your data is copied and your nameservers updated.

Choosing this option may result in an inability to use your domain name with us for up to 21 days as the domain registration transfer processes.

It is suggested that, if you wish to transfer the domain to us, that you do so after your data has been migrated to our service and you have updated your nameservers.

When to choose "I already have a domain I want to use or will transfer or register a domain later."

This is the option recommended for most orders for existing websites.  Once the account is created if you need us to migrate your data reach out to technical support and request a migration and we'll be happy to assist.  We perform hosting migrations for free.

Once your data is migrated and your nameservers are updated where your domain is currently registered you can, if you choose, transfer your domain name registration to us.  There is no obligation to do so and it is perfectly acceptable to have your domain registration with another registrar other than us if you choose and is very common.

There is no obligation for you to transfer your domain to us in order to use our hosting services.

All that is necessary is the ability to modify the nameservers of the domain at the current registrar or the DNS zone where your DNS is handled to point the domain at us.  If you need help with this we are happy to help as much as we can.

Updating nameservers is a common and generally easy process but it can vary from registrar to registrar. If you have questions about updating your nameservers at a third party registrar it's best to direct those questions to them directly although we will assist as much as we can.

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