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403 Error in the WordPress Administration [wp-admin] What is a 403 Error? A 403 Forbidden error is returned by the server when the user has been... BackupBuddy not working, how can I fix this? BackupBuddy schedules things to run in the background in a way that isn't inherently compatible... Cannot upgrade WordPress or a WordPress Plugin Should you receive an error message about not being able to write or open a file in "/tmp" when... Disabling Caching Using htaccess How to disable caching using .htaccess While caching is great for overall site performance, it... Drupal CPU usage spikes during backups If you are using Drupal on your hosting accounts, you may notice sudden CPU usage spikes that... How to run a Traceroute What is a Traceroute and why would you need to do one? When investigating speed issues with your... I can't access the server but the server status says it is up. All of our servers will automatically temporarily block you from any service you attempt to log... Manually disable a WordPress plugin. There may come a time where a WordPress plugin causes a Critical Error on your site. This article... My site is displaying a blank white page or HTTP Error 500! Generally a blank white page when you expect content is a PHP error.  As we offer production... PHP - Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by ... This message means that your PHP script is sending data to the web browser before the headers and... Setting PHP Environment Variables To set custom PHP Environment Variables such as register_globals, display_errors,... WP-Login produces 403 error. We were forced to temporarily disable access to the wp-login.php script on some accounts that... WordPress Critical Error message. WordPress is a powerful and feature packed content management system. This article explains how... WordPress: There has been a critical error on this website. If you see this error on your WordPress website: The troubleshooting steps can be found in...
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