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Do you store my credit card number? We only store the last four numbers of your credit card number and the expiration date so that we... How do I add funds to my account? You can Add Funds to your Client Area account with us to avoid lots of small transactions and to... How do I cancel my hosting account? We always do our best to help as much as we possibly can.  If you are having any issues with your... How do I enable 2-Factor Authentication? 2-Factor Authentication will protect your account from unauthorized access.  This is an... I lost or forgot my client area password, how can I reset it? Our support and billing system uses your email address and a password for logging in.  If you do... I sent a payment via PayPal but it's not showing in my account We require that all payments sent via PayPal be initiated from an invoice in our billing system... I've sold my site, what do I need to do? It's not an uncommon occurrence for a webmaster to either sell their site or to give it to... I've added credit to my account but I still got charged. We allow our clients to add credit to their hosting accounts early so that invoices will... Money Back Guarantee Customers may cancel at any time via the cancellation form in your client dashboard. MDDHosting... My site was suspended due to non-payment, what do I do? We offer a 48 hour grace period for all payments and should you not make your payment within 48... What is Pro-Rated Billing? Some services that we offer are pro-rated to the first of the month such as our Elastic Reseller... Why was an extra invoice generated for Bandwidth Usage? At the end of every month we automatically process the bandwidth usage of all accounts and... Will you migrate my sites for me? How do I request a migration? We will do our absolute best to assist you in migrating your site(s) to our services. Generally...
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