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How do I enable 2-Factor Authentication? Print

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2-Factor Authentication will protect your account from unauthorized access.  This is an additional authentication step beyond your password and is based upon a time-sensitive passcode generated by an authenticator.  Google Authenticator is common and available on the iOS App Store [iPhone] as well as the Google Play store [Android].  There are other options such as password managers such as 1Password.

Once you are logged into our client area you will click on "Hello, Your-First-Name" in the upper right-hand corner.  In the menu that appears you would click on "Security Settings".  Here is a direct link to the Security Settings as well.


You will then on the next screen click the "Click here to Enable" button in the "Two-Factor Authentication" box.

This will begin the "Enable Two-Factor Authentication" wizard.  There will only be one option which is "Time Based Tokens".  You will click on the blue "Get Started" button.

You will then see a QR Code that has been generated.  You will scan that QR code with your authentication application of choice such as Google Authenticator.  Once this has been scanned you will be given a 6-Digit number.  To finish setting up the 2-Factor Authentication you would enter that 6-Digit number into the "Enter authentication code" button and click "Submit"

This will have fully enabled 2-Factor Authentication on your account.  From this point forward when you are signing into our client area you will need to provide the 6-Digit code from your authentication application of choice to completely log in.

You are given a backup code as a part of enabling 2-Factor authentication.  Make sure to keep this code safe and store it in a location you will not lose it.  If you lose your authenticator for any reason and cannot generate the code to log in the backup code is the only easy way to get back into your account.

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