Why wasn't I warned that I was going to be suspended before I was suspended?

Unfortunately there are many situations where immediate suspension is the only course of action that we can take. In many of these situations it's impossible for us to predict that the issue will arise and, as such, there is no way for us to give you any forewarning that a suspension is imminent. For example, if a malicious user obtains your cPanel password or manages to exploit an out-of-date software installation in your account and we discover this - we will suspend the account immediately to prevent further damage to your account or others on the same server as you.  Another example is if your account is being used to send out SPAM, we must take immediate and decisive action to protect our IP reputations, prevent blacklistings, and to prevent your account from causing problems for other users.

We suggest fully reading our Terms of Service, specifically sections 2b.) Account Security3a.) Zero Tolerance Spam Policy, and 3b.) Zero Tolerance Phishing Policy as those sections address the most common issues that result in suspension without prior warning.

In situations where there is no imminent danager of damage and your account is not affecting our other customers, we will always give you a warning and a chance to resolve an issue before suspension. For example, if your account is simply using too much CPU on a regular basis we won't immediately suspend you.  We will, in that situation, notify you and do our best to assist you with resolving the issue.

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