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Adjusting Server Time in PHP All of our servers are configured to Eastern Time by default.  It is possible, however, for... Can you enable "local-infile" for MySQL please? Unfortunately this is an option that we will not enable in any of our shared environments such as... ClipShare/phpMotion - Thumbnails generated but video not visible? Q. I have configured the correct paths to ffmpeg and mencoder in my video sharing scripts, but it... Generating and Downloading a Full cPanel Backup We suggest that you always have at least one copy of your data downloaded.  How often you'll want... Help! I cannot access my cPanel, WHM, e-mail, SSH, etc... All of our servers will automatically temporarily block you from any service you attempt to log... How do I access my cPanel? Accessing your cPanel via our Support and Billing System You can get to your control panel via... How do I order an IP address? Due to the Global IP Address shortage and strict ARIN IP justification guidelines, we no longer... Let's Encrypt Feature Missing - Free SSL is still available This article explains how SSL certificates are managed when using AutoSSL within cPanel.... MySQL Stored Procedures All MDDHosting clients can use MySQL stored procedures and routines on their web hosting... PHP - Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by ... This message means that your PHP script is sending data to the web browser before the headers and... Setting PHP Environment Variables To set custom PHP Environment Variables such as register_globals, display_errors,... Using Memcached or Redis with LiteSpeed Cache First you will need to enable Memcached or Redis.  Make note of the "Host" and "Port" details for... What nameservers should I use? All of our Cloud and reseller services use the same DNS cluster and the nameservers you should... Which domain option should I choose? When ordering a hosting plan you will be given 3 options:   I want to register a new domain...
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