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Let's Encrypt Feature Missing - Free SSL is still available Print

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This article explains how SSL certificates are managed when using AutoSSL within cPanel. Understanding how AutoSSL takes over from the old Let's Encrypt plugin will help you manage your SSL certificates more effectively.

We recommend using AutoSSL for installations.  Here are directions to installing an SSL Certificate using AutoSSL.

Let's Encrypt cPanel Plugin

The Let's Encrypt cPanel plugin allowed users to install and manage SSL certificates easily. The developer of the plugin stopped supporting the plugin last year. As of May 2024, we removed the plugin entirely due to the plugin no longer functioning correctly.

AutoSSL and Its Interaction with Let's Encrypt Plugin

AutoSSL is a feature in cPanel that automatically installs domain-validated SSL certificates. If it's powered by Let's Encrypt, it will take over the management of certificates installed via the Let's Encrypt cPanel plugin.

Here's how this interaction will unfold:

  1. User Installed Certificate via Let's Encrypt Plugin: The user successfully installed an SSL certificate using the Let's Encrypt cPanel plugin.

  2. AutoSSL Takes Over Management: AutoSSL detects the installed certificate and takes over its management. This ensures the certificate remains valid and up-to-date.

What You Need to Know

  • Your SSL is Still Working: Even if the Let's Encrypt plugin is removed, your SSL certificate is still active and managed by AutoSSL.  You can verify your SSL is functional with a tool such as's SSL Checker.

  • No Additional Action Required: There is no need to reinstall the certificate. AutoSSL will continue to manage it for you.

  • We Suggest Using AutoSSL: We recommend using AutoSSL for installations, although we keep the Let's Encrypt plugin available for those familiar with it.

The interaction between the removed Let's Encrypt cPanel plugin and AutoSSL can create confusion, but understanding how they work together ensures your SSL certificates are properly managed. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team. Look out for our separate article explaining how to install SSL Certificates manually via AutoSSL.

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