How do I download my copy of WHMCS?

To download your copy of WHMCS:

  1. Log into our support system at
  2. Select "My Services" in the black navigation bar, it is the second option from the left.
  3. Click "Service Overview" in the menu that drops down when you clicked on "My Services" in step 2.
  4. Click "View Details" next to the Reseller account that you purchased with included WHMCS.
  5. Click the "Downloads" tab and you will see "WHMCS Version Stable (For New Installs & Upgrades)" simply click this link to begin the download. 
You can also install WHMCS via Softaculous in your cPanel.

Please keep in mind that this license is only valid while you are hosted with us, the license cannot be sold or transferred.

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