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I have a reseller account at another provider... Will you transfer it for me? Print

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We will always do our best to assist you as much as possible when it comes to migrating accounts and data to our services.  In many cases the assistance is free and in some cases we do bill for it.

Coming from a cPanel Reseller w/WHM Access

With every new reseller account we will transfer up to 25 cPanel accounts for free in a single batch from another reseller provider.  This would include us performing all of the work from generating the backups at the old provider, copying them over, and restoring them as well as performing cursory checks on the accounts to help ensure they function as expected on our platform.

In the event that you have more than 25 accounts you wish to move there is a way to get them copied for free but it does require a small bit of labor on your part.  All you would need to do is generate the cPanel backups of the accounts you need moved and upload them to your account with us.  We will always restore a backup you provide to us for free.

Should you have more than 25 accounts to transfer and you do not wish to perform any of the work at all - we would advise you to get with our sales department to discuss the migration and any pricing information.

Coming from a Reseller Account that isn't cPanel Based w/out WHM Access.

We can definitely help you migrate from a platform other than cPanel/WHM.  Depending on what platform you are coming from and the complexity of the move we may be able to handle the transfers for free or we may have to bill for it.  A migration from a non-cPanel platform would be manual and custom and, while it's best if the webmaster handles the transfers, we're here to help as much as we can.  For any questions regarding transferring from a non-cPanel reseller provider do please reach out to our sales department.

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