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Adding a Support Contact You can add additional contact e-mails in our billing and support system at... Adding a new User to the Client Area You may have noticed that our client area looks slightly different. We recently updated to the... Changing Primary Account Information To ensure account security, we require a support ticket be opened any time you need to change... Do you offer custom packages? We do not offer custom shared or reseller packages.  We offer a wide range of shared hosting... Help! I cannot access my cPanel, WHM, e-mail, SSH, etc... All of our servers will automatically temporarily block you from any service you attempt to log... How do I access my cPanel? Accessing your cPanel via our Support and Billing System You can get to your control panel via... How do I cancel my hosting account? We always do our best to help as much as we possibly can.  If you are having any issues with your... How do I enable 2-Factor Authentication? 2-Factor Authentication will protect your account from unauthorized access.  This is an... How do I restore a backup? If you've previously downloaded a backup copy of your website through your cPanel Control Panel,... How do I upgrade my plan? Is there any downtime if I upgrade? You have the power to upgrade your plan at any time in our billing and support system at... I do not remember my client area username, how can I find it? In the event that you do not remember what your username is for our client area we have a few... I lost or forgot my cPanel or WHM password - how can I reset it? Resetting your cPanel password and finding your cPanel username is easy and can be handled... I lost or forgot my client area password, how can I reset it? Our support and billing system uses your email address and a password for logging in.  If you do... What nameservers should I use? All of our Cloud and reseller services use the same DNS cluster and the nameservers you should... Which domain option should I choose? When ordering a hosting plan you will be given 3 options:   I want to register a new domain... Why wasn't I warned that I was going to be suspended before I was suspended? Unfortunately there are many situations where immediate suspension is the only course of action...
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