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We do not offer custom shared or reseller packages.  We offer a wide range of shared hosting services from only 2 CPU cores and 2 GB of ram all the way up to 8 High-Speed CPU cores and 8 GB of High-Speed RAM.  Should your needs be larger we would generally recommend a dedicated server and we will be happy to build a custom dedicated solution for you.

Our Elastic Reseller plans are pay-as-you-grow.  They each include a minimum amount of resources (Disk Space, Bandwidth, Accounts) and then as you cross those limits you are only billed for what you use.  There are 3 plan levels of varying amounts of CPU and RAM and if you should outgrow the top level plan we generally suggest obtaining another plan on a separate server to continue growing.

Dedicated servers are reserved for our existing clients and we build those servers custom based upon the needs of our clients.  We do not offer pre-defined dedicated server options.


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