How do I choose a new PHP version?

From time to time your website may display a warning about the PHP version being out of date. Before we get into changing the PHP version please note that all versions offered at MDDHosting are regularly patched and are safe to use. There can be performance benefits from running the latest version of PHP so lets learn how to change it!

The first step is to access the cPanel for your account. 

When you are on the cPanel homepage simply use the search box (1) to search for "PHP". When the cPanel options are filtered simply choose the one that says "Select PHP Version" (2). 


Inside the Select PHP Version application simply choose the new version from the drop-down list (3) and finally choose "set as current". 


Once the new version is applied your site is instantly using the new version. Please note your site may not be compatible with the latest version of PHP. If your site is not compatible it likely will stop working and show a white page. You or your webmaster will need to investigate which portion of the site is not compatible and upgrade where needed. (Generally it is a plugin or theme causing the issue.) We do have an article that can help you isolate the problematic portion of your site. My site is showing a white page or 500 error!

If you do run into a broken site after updating the PHP Version simply revert back to the previous version to resolve the issue. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have questions or run into issues changing your PHP version. 

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