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With all Virtual Private Server solutions any reboot commands must be issued from the VPS Control Panel.  Reboots issued via SSH (i.e. "shutdown -r now") or issued via WHM (i.e. "Forceful Server Reboot" or "Graceful Server Reboot") will result in the server shutting down and not coming back online and this is simply due to the nature of the VPS container.

If you have rebooted your VPS from inside of SSH or WHM you can easily fix this issue by logging into the VPS Control Panel and booting the server back up.

The URL to access the VPS control panel was sent to you in your welcome email entitled "MDDHosting - New Virtual Private Server Information" which can be found by logging into our support system at https://www.mddhosting.com/support/login.php and clicking on "My Emails" across the top above the quick navigation.

Here is what the VPS Control Panel log in screen looks like:

VPS Control Panel Login

You can then click the "Manage" icon (Manage) to manage the specific VPS, such as the one you wish to reboot or to boot back up.

You will see the following screen where you can manage various aspects of your VPS including shutting it down, booting it up, and rebooting it.


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