Configuring SpamExperts Inbound Spam Scanning

To make use of our SpamExperts Inbound Spam Scanning you'll first need to order the service for the domain you wish to protect from spam here.
Once the service is active you will need to update the MX Records for the domain to the following:

MX Records for SpamExperts Inbound Scanning - Priority 10 - Priority 20

If the DNS for your domain is handled by us.

If the DNS for the domain is handled by us you can make this change via cPanel -> Domains -> Zone Editor.

cPanel -> Zone Editor

  1. Within the Zone Editor you will see a list of the domains on your account and you will want to click "+ MX Record" next to the domain you ordered SpamExperts Spam Filtering for.

    +MX Record

  2. You will want to enter "10" in the "Priority" field and "" in the "Destination" field and click "Add an MX Record".

    Add MX Record

  3. You will want to repeat steps 1 and 2 to enter "20" in the "Priority" field and "" in the "Destination" field and click "Add an MX Record"

    Add MX Record

  4. You will then want to click "Manage" next to the domain you just added the MX records to.


  5. Click on "MX" below the "Filter by name" box and to the right of "Filter:"

    Click MX

  6. You will want to remove any MX records that are not "" or "".
If you are using third party DNS like DNS at your Registrar, CloudFlare, or Sucuri CloudProxy.

You will need to update the MX Records at your third party DNS.  How you go about this depends on your DNS provider and we advise reaching out to them for support if you need assistance updating your MX records with them.
If you need help getting this set up please contact our support.
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