Enabling SSH Access on Shared and Cloud Shared Hosting

Shared and Premium Hosting

Secure Shell (SSH) Access is available free of charge on all shared hosting accounts.

SSH Access can be enabled via our support system.

  1. Once logged in click on "Services" in the blue navigation bar and then "My Services".
  2. Click on the service that you wish to enable SSH on.
  3. Click on "Upgrade/Downgrade Options" on the left side of the page.
  4. Change "SSH Access" from "No" to "Yes" and click "Click to Continue >>"

Once SSH Access is enabled you can use the following details to access SSH:

  • Host: Your Domain Name or the Server Name
  • SSH Port: 2233
  • Username: cPanel Username
  • Password: cPanel Password

It is not currently possible to create additional users for SSH - only the primary cPanel username and password can be used to access SSH.
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