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How to use Python Selector in cPanel Print

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Python Selector is a feature that allows you to create Python applications on cPanel.

To access Python Selector, login to your cPanel account and scroll to SOFTWARE section and access Setup Python App

You can also use the Search function at the top of your cPanel account.

Once you are in click CREATE APPLICATION

In this page you will need to set the following before going further:

Python version – select your preferred Python version, can be changed later.

Application root - the path to your application where you upload your application files (eg. /home/username/appname)

Application URL - the path to your application where you upload your application files (eg. /home/username/appname)

Application startup file - the file that will be processed when launching the application. Needs to include a path to your file.

Application Entry point – setup the callable object to the application, this is optional

Passenger Logfile - the path to your log

You can Add an Environment variable by clicking ADD VARIABLE

Here you can set the environment variable from the configuration page of each application.  

Once you are ready click Create and you are done!

You can access your .py files your application root by FTP or cPanel > File Manager

To access from SSH you can copy the command at the top of your package:

Or running the following command:

source /home/username/virtualenv/appname/version/bin/activate && cd /home/username/appname


username - would be your account's username

appname - would be your application's name that you created

version - would be the version you have chosen

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