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Creating FTP Accounts:

To create an FTP account for a user, log into your cPanel, then search "FTP Accounts" in the search bar at the top of the page. From there, select the "FTP Accounts" icon from the search results. 



Once inside the FTP Accounts area, you will need to assign your users a login and password.(1,2) We recommend setting randomly generated passwords to help keep FTP accounts secure.(3) If you have multiple domains on your cPanel, you will also need to select the correct one via the grey dropdown to the right of the username section.(4) 

The last step is to assign the directory the account will have access to and the upload quota(5). It is recommended that if the account you are creating is for someone outside your organization(site designers, developers, ect) you limit their access to the files they need to perform their task. Keep in mind that once a directory is chosen for an account, it cannot be changed. If you need to alter the directory for an account, you must delete the account and re-add it with the new directory. Quotas will keep users from using all available bandwidth on limited accounts(6). Once you have configured the new account, click the blue "Create FTP Account" button and you account is ready to go!


Once you have the account created, it should be displayed in the "FTP Accounts" list just below the account creation area. Each account will have individual configuration options listed next to it, including options to change the account quota, change password, delete account, and configure FTP Clients. (note:Special FTP Accounts are created by default and cannot be deleted)





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