How do I host more than one domain?

There are a couple of ways that you can host additional domains - the first is called parking a domain and is simply an alternate domain name to access your current content you have hosted at your primary domain. and would both return the same results.

To park a domain log in to your control panel ( and go to the Domains Section and click on Parked Domains.

The second method is called an "addon domain" and it points to a location within your hosting account, just as your primary domain points to a location within our server itself.  As of cPanel version 11 you can set what location you would like your addon domain to point to.  If you were to use /home/public_html/ as the folder and your domain ( for example) will show what is in your /home/public_html/ folder.

To host an addon domain log in to your control panel ( and go to the Domains Section and click on Addon Domains.

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