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You will want to ensure you update the nameservers on the domain you are transferring before starting the process as you cannot make changes during the transfer. The previous domain provider (registrar) has 14 days to release the domain, during that time no edits can be made to the nameservers or contact information for the domain.

Before using our website to start the transfer you will need to ensure the following items are completed.

1. Ensure the domain is not locked at the registrar and that privacy/whois protection are disabled.
2. Ensure the domain Admin Contact email is up-to-date and accessible as you will need to confirm the domain transfer via email.
3. Contact the previous registrar and request the EPP (password) for the domain. You will need this to start the transfer.

The time it takes for the transfer to complete will depend on how long it takes your previous host to release the domain.

When you are ready to begin please use the 'Transfer Domain' section on our website or within your client area.

*If you did not complete one of the steps and are having issues transferring your domain please open a support ticket for assistance.

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